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The Word in Carolinian words

Day in Week Date Author
TuesdayDecember 24, 2019Br. Crisfer Autentico, SVD
ThursdayDecember 19, 2019Fr. Rommy Cagatin, SVD
SundayDecember 15, 2019Fr. Jose Pareja, SVD
FridayDecember 13, 2019Marcianna R. Marińas
WednesdayNovember 27, 2019Jasmin Owacan
FridayNovember 22, 2019Fr. Rommy Cagatin, SVD
TuesdayNovember 19, 2019Delilah Labajo
ThursdayNovember 14, 2019Christine Beth Ferolin
MondayNovember 11, 2019Charity T. Turano
ThursdayNovember 7, 2019Marcianna R. Marińas
MondayNovember 4, 2019Fr. Democrito Malazarte, SVD
SundayOctober 27, 2019Mary Ann Lumacang
WednesdayOctober 23, 2019Jame Bryan Batara
TuesdayOctober 22, 2019Jasmin Owacan
SundayOctober 13, 2019Br. Mark Paglicawan, SVD
TuesdayOctober 8, 2019Charlene Principe
SundayOctober 6, 2019Frt. Louigie Pontillo, SVD
TuesdayOctober 1, 2019Bianca Rose Buaya
SundaySeptember 29, 2019Fr. Melencio “Jun” Balay, SVD
SaturdaySeptember 28, 2019Nikita U. Belarmino
FridaySeptember 27, 2019Marcianna R. Marińas
SundaySeptember 22, 2019Fr. Peter Fillo, SVD
WednesdaySeptember 18, 2019Romeo E. Yap
MondaySeptember 16, 2019Norieza Marte
ThursdaySeptember 5, 2019Jusie Dado
WednesdaySeptember 4, 2019Sergio M. Alo III
SaturdayAugust 31, 2019Norieza Q. Marte
FridayAugust 30, 2019Melvin C. Tampus
WednesdayAugust 28, 2019Nikita U. Belarmino
FridayAugust 23, 2019Hardie Bigcas
MondayAugust 19, 2019Edwin Vallecer
ThursdayAugust 8, 2019Danny Largo
TuesdayAugust 6, 2019Anne Katherine T. Aguilar
FridayAugust 2, 2019Esperidion S. Abellana
MondayJuly 29, 2019Esperidion S. Abellana
MondayJuly 22, 2019Apolinar Jr. Silab
SaturdayJune 29, 2019Fr. Emmanuel Sarabia, SVD
WednesdayJune 26, 2019Catherine Yap
SundayJune 23, 2019Fr. Peter Fillo, SVD
SundayJune 16, 2019Frt. Louigie Pontillo, SVD
WednesdayJune 12, 2019Dr. Grace Marie V. Lape
TuesdayJune 11, 2019Grace C. Magalzo-Bualat
WednesdayJune 5, 2019Enriqueta Reston
MondayJune 3, 2019Carmencita Alviola
SaturdayJune 1, 2019Esperidion S. Abellana
SundayMay 26, 2019Fr. Melencio “Jun” Balay, SVD
SaturdayMay 25, 2019Romeo E. Yap
WednesdayMay 22, 2019Br. Ryan Aldwin Guarin, SVD
TuesdayMay 21, 2019Melgie Lim
SaturdayMay 4, 2019Francis Mayo
TuesdayApril 30, 2019Esmeralda Cuizon
SaturdayApril 27, 2019Br. Bela Lanyi, SVD
FridayApril 26, 2019Br. Bela Lanyi, SVD
ThursdayApril 25, 2019Br. Bela Lanyi, SVD
MondayApril 22, 2019Fr. Romeo Q. Cagatin, SVD
ThursdayApril 18, 2019Delilah Labajo
SundayApril 14, 2019Anne Katherine T. Aguilar
WednesdayApril 10, 2019Nikita U. Belarmino
FridayApril 5, 2019Mary Ann Lumacang
ThursdayApril 4, 2019Fr. Franlou Bardon, SVD
MondayApril 1, 2019Fr. Franlou Bardon, SVD
ThursdayMarch 28, 2019Dr. Antonio E. Batomalaque
TuesdayMarch 19, 2019Jame Bryan Batara
FridayMarch 8, 2019Atty. Archill Niña F. Capistrano
MondayMarch 4, 2019Francis Mayo
MondayFebruary 25, 2019Ritchie Omapoy
SundayFebruary 24, 2019Br. Ryan Aldwin Guarin, SVD
SundayFebruary 17, 2019Fr. Peter Fillo, SVD
ThursdayFebruary 14, 2019Megan Marie Josol
MondayFebruary 11, 2019Fr. Emmanuel Sarabia, SVD
SaturdayFebruary 9, 2019Jusie Dado
SaturdayFebruary 2, 2019Br. Mark Paglicawan, SVD
WednesdayJanuary 30, 2019Hardie Bigcas
MondayJanuary 28, 2019Atty. Mark Anthony M. Rosal
FridayJanuary 25, 2019Frt. Louigie Pontillo, SVD
WednesdayJanuary 23, 2019Edwin Vallecer
TuesdayJanuary 22, 2019Violeta L. Nuñez
SundayJanuary 20, 2019Faye Loraine B. Micabalo
TuesdayJanuary 15, 2019Melgie Lim
SundayJanuary 13, 2019Br. Mark Paglicawan, SVD
SundayJanuary 6, 2019Fr. Melencio “Jun” Balay, SVD
TuesdayJanuary 1, 2019Fr. Dionisio Miranda, SVD

Through what do we earn God's favor? We should pray because what is offered to God in prayer is very pleasing to him: our childlike trust, the recognition of our need to be helped and our offering ourselves to God. St. Arnold Janssen

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