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Society of the Divine Word

Philippines Southern Province

Vision and Mission

Vision and Misson

Vision Statement

We, members of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), an international religious-missionary congregation of brothers and priests, founded by St. Arnold Janssen and named after the Divine Word, envision a world where dialogue is possible because people, inspired by the Word of God and empowered by the Spirit, respect the uniqueness of each person and accept all nations and peoples.

Mission Statement

As confreres belonging to the SVD province of the Southern Philippines, we promote and integrate in our lives and apostolates the following: Bible; Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation; Mission Animation; and Communication. We commit ourselves as individuals and communities, in our formation apostolate, in our education apostolate, and in our pastoral ministries.


As Individuals and Communities

To nurture the contemplative dimension of our religious-missionary vocation by prayer, reading, sharing and living the Word of God, so that we may be able to promote acceptance of others as well as respect for the uniqueness of other confreres in our religious communities;

To show concern for the poor and marginalized in their aspirations and their struggle for liberation as active subjects of their own development;

To promote, and to preserve in all our undertakings, the integrity of creation;

To make it our special concern to sow the seeds of awareness of our common missionary responsibility among the people we work with;

To actively contribute to the Society’s formation apostolate and vocation animation;

To work for the financial self-sufficiency of our communities through optimum use of the Society’s assets, sharing of common resources and transparency in handling of funds;

To deepen our involvement in the communication ministry at the service of prophetic dialogue;

In our Formation Apostolate

To offer a holistic program for our confreres that furthers their human development, academic excellence and professional competence, and religious-missionary commitment.

In our Education Apostolate

To promote integral human development and excellence in instruction, research, and community extension;

To place our Catholic educational apostolate at the service of the local Church by forming students, teachers and employees to become effective professionals open to dialogue and capable of assuming leadership positions in society;

To integrate in curricular and co/extra-curricular activities the four characteristic dimensions of our Society and our desire to live prophetic dialogue;

In our Pastoral Ministries

To collaborate with the local Church by adopting the Basic Ecclesial Community approach in our pastoral programs and by taking a leading role in the promotion of the Bible and Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation;

To afford special commitment to the cultural communities we serve by living with them and learning from them.

Through what do we earn God's favor? We should pray because what is offered to God in prayer is very pleasing to him: our childlike trust, the recognition of our need to be helped and our offering ourselves to God. St. Arnold Janssen

The world is our parish
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